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    La Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Eficiencia Energética trabaja para generar nuevas soluciones a través del apoyo e impulso a la investigación y el desarrollo de nuevas técnicas, productos y servicios que contribuyan a la reducción de la demanda energética. Su finalidad es la innovación en tecnología relacionada con la mejora de la eficiencia energética.


    La Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Construcción (PTEC) es una entidad de colaboración público-privada creada en 2004 con el objetivo de contribuir a la mejora del sector de la construcción a través de la investigación, el desarrollo y la innovación. Está impulsada por empresas, asociaciones empresariales, universidades, centros de investigación, centros tecnológicos y clientes.


    La Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Redes Eléctricas FUTURED nació en 2005 con la vocación de integrar a todos los agentes implicados en el sector eléctrico y el objetivo de definir e impulsar estrategias que permitan consolidar una red capaz de dar respuesta a los retos del futuro. Además es un lugar de encuentro y diálogo para identificar posibles oportunidades de colaboración conjunta y defender una postura común ante sus públicos objetivos (sociedad, administraciones nacionales y europeas, etc.).


    SmartLivingPlat busca aunar las principales organizaciones españolas que trabajan en el área de la domótica, la inmótica y las ciudades inteligentes, con el objetivo de conseguir que todos los actores compartan una visión común y elaboren una agenda estratégica de investigación, que acelere el desarrollo innovador del sector de una manera armonizada y fructífera hasta situarlo a la vanguardia a nivel mundial.


    El Instituto Madrileño de Estudios Avanzados en Materiales (IMDEA) es un instituto de investigación independiente promovido por la Comunidad de Madrid para realizar investigación en Ciencia e Ingeniería de Materiales. Entre sus objetivos destacan la excelencia en la investigación de Ciencia e Ingeniería de Materiales y la transferencia de tecnología al sector industrial para mejorar la competitividad de las empresas.

  • CDTI

    Centre for industrial technological development. It is a public corporation under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, which promotes innovation and technological development of Spanish companies.

  • IDAE

    Institute for diversification and energy saving. It is a part of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism agency, through the Secretary of State for Energy. It contributes to achieving the objectives that have acquired our country in terms of improving energy efficiency, renewable energy and other technologies.

  • FutuEnergy

    Portal and International Technical Journal, with news, articles and reports on energy efficiency and energy generation.


    National Renewable Energy Centre. It is a specialized technology center in applied research and development and promotion of renewable energy. It has a highly qualified and recognized national and international prestige.


    Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology. It is a part of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation focused mainly in the fields of energy and environment, and technological fields related to both topics.


    International Renewable Energy Agency. It is an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, a centre of excellence, and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy.

  • IGME

    Geological and Mining Institute of Spain. It is a public research body, under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

  • Energías Renovables

    The journalism of the renewable energy. It is a limited partnership formed by journalists and media professionals working on issues from a journalistic and informative perspective. It offers a wide range of global information on renewable energy, in Spanish and English.

  • Masdar Institute

    Instituto Masdar de Ciencia y Tecnología es la primera universidad de posgrado en el mundo dedicada a ofrecer soluciones reales a los problemas de sostenibilidad, impulsada por la investigación en energías y tecnologías sostenibles.

  • GRC

    Geothermal Resources Council. The board of geothermal resources (GRC) has built a solid reputation as a leading geothermal association in the world. It is an educational nonprofit association.

  • Blog Peter Bayer

    Peter Bayer is a hydrogeologist driven by his curiosity for multidisciplinary research. He shares on his blog all his projects, many of them about investigations of the underground energy.

  • Fenercom

    Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid. The main objective of the Energy Foundation is to encourage, promote and carry out initiatives and action programs for research, study and support actions of knowledge, development and application of energy technologies.

  • APPA

    Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid. The main objective of the Energy Foundation is to encourage, promote and carry out initiatives and action programs for research, study and support actions of knowledge, development and application of energy technologies.

  • Geoplat

    Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform. It is a group of scientific and technical sector coordination composed of all relevant actors in the geothermal energy sector in Spain. GEOPLAT aims to be the framework in which all sectors involved in the development of geothermal energy, led by industry, to work together and cordially to achieve commercial implementation of this renewable energy source and its continuous growth of competitive and sustainable manner.

  • IMDEA Energía

    The Institute IMDEA Energy has been created by the Regional Government of the Community of Madrid in order to promote and conduct R & D related to energy, with special emphasis on issues concerning renewable energy and clean energy technologies.

  • Energy Lab

    EnergyLab is a private and non-profit foundation. Its mission is to develop and disseminate technologies, products and consumer habits that optimize efficiency and energy sustainability in industrial, tertiary and transport sectors and in society in general.

  • Geotermiaonline

    Geotermiaonline is an independent portal. Its sole purpose is to extend and spread the use of geothermal energy, virtually unpublished and largely unknown in Spain.

  • LNEG

    National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (Portugal). It is an institution of R & D aimed at meeting the needs of society and business, betting on a sustainable research through knowledge generation of the Portuguese territory.


    Community for Energy & Development environment. It is an international initiative born to promote energy analysis to accelerate sustainable development of the conventional system, and is administered by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

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