London´s approach to recover and utilise low grade waste heat for use in building heating and domestic hot water production.
Sr. Peter North, Senior Manager, Programme Delivery (Sustainable Energy)

Subsurface Urban Heat Islands.
Philipp Blum, Professor for Engineering Geology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Utilisation of underground infrastructures for energy production in Switzerland.
Sr. Andreas Hurni, Ryser Ingenieure AG.

Energy recovery for heating & cooling from the water pipe to the waste water in the sewer - heat exchanger solutions, some basics and examples.
Sr. Beat Stucki, Kasag Langnau AG.

Piezoelectric energy. Use in underground infrastructures. Entrepreneurs awarded in the 2015 Ideas and Projects Madrid Subterra Contest.
Sr. Manuel Otero, Sr. Diego Davoise, Sr. Sergio Cristiá, Sr. Damián López

Tunel Energy, Project awarded in the 2015 Ideas and Projects Madrid Subterra Contest
Sr. Francisco Bugarin

Energy resource use in Madrid Calle 30 tunnels.
Sr. José Fernández, Director General de Eneres.

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