Governing Bodies

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The governing bodies of Madrid Subterra are the General Assembly and the Board Of Directors.

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the association and is made up of all of the associates.

Madrid Subterra is managed and represented by the Board Of Directors, made up of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and spokespersons, designated between representatives of the associates.


Francisco Javier Rubio de Urquía

  • Madrid City Council


oberto Prieto López

  • Roberto Prieto López
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Vice Chancellor Investigation

Antonio Gutiérrez Canalejo

  • Antonio Gutiérrez Canalejo
  • Evaluations Of Environmental Services
  • Director Central Area


Manuel Arnaiz Ronda

  • Madrid Calle30


Marisol Martín-Cleto Sánchez

  • Marisol Martín-Cleto Sánchez
  • Professional Association Of Roads Canals And Ports. Demarcation of Madrid.
  • Spokesperson Governing Board


Daniel Sánchez Mata
  • Daniel Sánchez Mata
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • University Professor, Delegate of the Rector for Environment and Sustainability

Raúl Heranz Martínez
  • Raúl Heranz Martínez
  • Professional Association Of Telecommunications Engineers
  • Spkesperson for Borrad Of Directors for COIT.

José Fernández Álvarez
  • José Fernández Álvarez
  • Eneres Tecnológica
  • CEO

Jesús Manzano del Pozo
  • Jesús Manzano del Pozo
  • Etralux S.A.
  • CEO
  • Spokesperson for the association

Javier Alonso Martínez
  • Javier Alonso Martínez
  • Gas Natural Fenosa
  • Subdirector for Innovation And Technological Support

Diego Martínez Ranedo
  • Diego Martínez Ranedo
  • OHL Desarrollos
  • Director of Development and Exploitation of Parking

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