Why Madrid Subterra?

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Cities and Energy

Saving and energy efficiency are global strategic goals which are particularly important in the urban environment, given the role of cities as great consumers of energy. 75% of the consumed energy is attributed to cities, settlement models which are particularly vulnerable to the impact derived from the unsustainable use of energy resources in air quality or climate control. The cities have a great potential to put innovative solutions into practice to improve energy efficiency and to use non-conventional energy resources, and build the necessary foundation for the creation of more sustainable urban model.

Energy Potential Of The Undergorund

We understand as energy potential of the subsurface the one that is derived from underground energy sources, either from natural phenomena (geotermal energy) or associated to urban infraestructures and services, such as sanitation and wáter systems, tunnels, underground transport networks,etc.

In these infraestructures it is posible do exploit this energy potential, mainly through the exchange of heat or power generation. Today, even existing many projects that confirm the feasibility of urban subsoil energy exploitation, this energy is wasted and dissipated as residual energy of almost all processes and urban systems.

The barriers which impede this use are lack of knowledge, mistrust and prejudices, lack of investigation in the area, a shortage of entrepeneurship and investment, and the absence of a mechanism for the promotion of these activities. Madrid Subterra was born to overcome these obstacles.

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